A Great Personality

The Beauty Within


Finding a blind date in the modern world takes an electronic device, a charge card, and only a few minutes to fill out an application. It might seem like a great convenience, but that first date can still be a time when anxiety flares. The couple has generally made a few exchanges through email, and they often agree to meet in a public venue. It is assumed the picture their profile shows is their own, but it could be impossible to really know. They each must wonder what the other is really like, and if they are cute or handsome, and if they are ugly on the outside or only the beauty within.

The questions they have about their date will only be answered when they arrive at the selected location, and it can be a trial to even manage to go there. Not knowing what will happen is bad enough, but the feeling that the picture online is of someone else can be painful. The realization that they might need that description of what their prospective date will be wearing could give it away.

There is no reason to suppose that a person without a perfect face or body should be ignored when it comes to a relationship, but everybody seems to prefer the current definition of attractive. They will go to great lengths to secure a date with someone they describe that way, and few of them realize how shallow it can be when considering a person to build a life together.

If their date does show up and looks fairly like their photo, they might be in the mood to celebrate. The people who will be grossly disappointed are the ones with unrealistic expectations, and it is more than likely it will be years before they are ready to face the reality of being with someone who is more attractive inside than out.