Too Much Enthusiasm

Living larger than life is a trait some people have come by naturally, but it can put off potential partners if they are not careful. Being with another person on a date should be a time for positive feelings, but letting them get out of hand can make the time together a nightmare for the other person. While it is important to be appreciative of a date, too much enthusiasm can guarantee a second date might never happen for the couple.

Relationships are about being comfortable with another person, so compatibility issues are certain to be a good way to measure whether or not a person is worth a chance of being a future partner or even the recipient of a second date. Someone who is very positive about everything during a first date could seem artificial, or they might just look desperate. Those are usually red flags for daters, and they are often not willing to look past a person's outward actions to find out why they may be reacting in a certain manner.

Shyness and anxiety are often the root causes of a person being too enthusiastic, yet this type of camouflage is not always helpful. Being perceived as an outgoing person when the opposite is true could turn a fun date into a nightmare for the person expecting someone calm. It could take several dates to get past being shy or anxious, but the person exhibiting a wealth of false enthusiasm may never get the chance to show their true personality. It can keep them on a path of plenty of dates without ever having a real relationship.

There are many ways to calm anxiety and nervousness, and investigating them is a good idea for a person interested in finding a good partner for the future. Their overall enthusiasm level may drop, yet it could be the calm they exhibit could attract a person willing to finally take the time to learn more about them. It could be the beginning of a long term relationship between the two.