Put Off by Good Looks

There are many people who are born with good looks, and they often have a difficult time getting dates. This is especially true for women, but many good looking men suffer from the same issue. People see them as successful due to their looks, and they do not believe the person could possibly be interested in them. While beauty is only skin deep, hiding it is an unreal expectation for those with good looks. It may take time, but they will eventually find someone who can look past their body and enjoy their personality.

Prejudice against people who do not look perfect is often cited, yet the same treatment of good looking people is ignored. Finding a date is sometimes difficult, and it can make them hesitate to go out with someone. Their looks seem to be the enemy that is holding them back, and fighting an unacknowledged prejudice is as difficult as boxing with an unseen adversary.

While looks can and are held against people, there is no reason to make superficial changes. Dating is a way to connect and find a relationship, so it is important to be accepted for all aspects of a person. If their date chooses to categorize them based on their looks, they should see it as an opportunity to move on. They may experience loneliness on a regular basis, but it is better than feeling trapped in a relationship where they are not appreciated.

Part of the issue with prejudiced people is that they make assumptions, and they are often wrong. A good looking person is not necessarily a snob, believes they are too good for everyone or they might expect to always be the center of attention. They have the same personality traits as anyone else, and it should be taken into account by those who date them.