Becoming a Friend First

While looks should not matter to a successful relationship, there are many people who will not date someone they consider to be less than perfect physically. This standard keeps them from finding the person who is truly suited to them, so they are passing up opportunities that could work out. Rather than trying to date the most popular, beautiful or successful person around, it might just be a good idea to become friends with as many people as possible.

When two people are friends, they are investing in a relationship that will last far into the future. They can talk about how they look at the world, and each of them has the freedom to say what they want out of a life. They might not realize it, but they are communicating in the same fashion as a couple who are dating. The biggest difference is that neither of them is concerned about dating parameters they might falsely cherish.

Becoming a friend with someone can be an easy commitment, and falling in love with who they are is what can happen. Rather than defining their prospective partner in terms of their looks or success, a friend is defined by their ability to be loyal and caring. These are the two traits most people are seeking when they want a relationship, but few of them actually know what they really want. It can come at them out of the blue that they have found the perfect partner in their friend, but they have to have an open mind for it to happen.

Couples who have stayed together for decades will always say they are sharing their life with their best friend, and they truly mean what they have said. They might have started out as friends and realized they were in love, or they might have just gotten lucky in finding the perfect partner.